Grow Ours
An Open Participatory Model for Governing the Ceptr Ecosystem

New tools require new organizational models. A Sovereign Accountable Commons is the model used to hold Ceptr code and assets. The Source Tree Commons is the first SAC, setting the open-source standard for the entire network.

Self-Governing Community

The STC is fully distributed: each member runs their own Ceptr node and consents to how it functions.

Visible Value and Reputation

Use and design new currencies and tools for cultivating health and wealth amongst peers.

Repository of Reusable Compositions

The STC holds the Ceptr Compository, a distributed database for creating Dapps from shared code.

Healthy Patterns of Compensation

Control how you share the value you create and build new strategies for common resources.

Contribute to pre-launch development of Ceptr Holochain